Friends of Callan Park (Sydney)

Friends of Callan Park is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty, historical significance, and community value of Callan Park. As a vibrant green space spanning 61 hectares in the Inner West, this public land of Callan Park stands as a testament to both natural beauty and historical legacy.

With more tree species than New York’s Central Park, Callan Park is an essential community green, open space in an area with one of the lowest ratios of open space in New South Wales. It offers a tranquil place for passive recreation as well as sports and social gatherings, making it a cherished space for nearby residents and all the community.

Recently, Friends of Callan Park have taken a stand against the proposed installation of a synthetic field within the park. This initiative stems from our commitment to preserving the park’s natural environment and maintaining its role as a sanctuary for both wildlife and the community. We believe that the installation of a plastic/synthetic field undermines Callan Park’s ecological integrity and its historic and aesthetic values.

We meet monthly and welcome all who share our passion for protecting and enhancing Callan Park. Our meetings are open to the public (no cost) and provide a platform for community involvement and discussion about the park’s future.

See for meeting details. Email us at to join our mailing list or to become more involved.