About Us

Our Association

Natural Turf Alliance Inc (NTA) is a Registered Association consisting of community groups committed to preserving and developing natural grass open spaces including sporting fields.

A core focus is engaging with local councils and sporting groups in relation to best practice natural turf construction and maintenance.

There is significant discontent and concern about the increasing number of synthetic sports fields being installed in community parks. We are opposed to the installation of synthetic sports fields in local community parks due to demonstrated health and environmental impacts. There is now strong evidence that properly designed and maintained natural turf playing fields can provide equivalent playing time whilst keeping open spaces available for the broader community.

Our membership includes the following independent community groups:

Our Objectives

  1. Protect the environment, including but not limited to land, water, flora and fauna at sports fields, other public spaces and surrounding environments.
  2. Ensure that local government decision-making affecting natural turf fields and other open spaces includes public consultation and is open and transparent.
  3. Undertake all activities that will achieve the above outcomes including community education, fundraising, campaigns and legal action.

We are keen to connect with individuals and community groups interested in engaging with their community, local councils and sports clubs in relation to the preservation of our natural green spaces. Contact us to connect.

The Natural Turf Alliance is a member of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

The NTA was a finalist for the 2024 Nature Conservation Council’s Marie Byles Award. This Award recognises groups that have initiated an outstanding new environmental campaign in the past 24 months.