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Public Open Space Strategy for NSW – 2022

The Public Open Space Strategy for NSW provides a framework for implementing policies across Government and contributes to a more joined-up approach to public open space planning and delivery.

Independent review into the design, use and impacts of synthetic turf in public open spaces Final report – NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

Synthetic turf has become ubiquitous in both public and private settings, and there is interest in understanding the impacts of materials used in its installation. In November 2021, the Hon. Rob Stokes MP, (then) Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, requested the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (CSE) provide expert advice on the use of synthetic turf in public open space in NSW.

Following the Terms of Reference, the Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer (OCSE) has completed its independent review (the Review). To inform the Review, OCSE has drawn on available data and research, commissioned expert analysis, and undertaken consultation with key stakeholders and experts.

October 2022

Natural Grass vs Synthetic Turf Study Report – WA Department of Local Govt, Sport and Cultural Industries – 2019-07-08

An organisation’s (sport club, association, local or State Government) decision to have a natural grass or synthetic turf comes down to their specific objectives for environmental, social, health and financial outcomes.

In addition to the Decision Making Guide, the following is a detailed report on natural grass vs synthetic turf for bowls, tennis, hockey, soccer/rugby, ovals (football/cricket) and/or any relevant multi-purpose facilities, that the department and other key stakeholders can use to assist with decision making, policy and planning. The report will consider the factors that contribute to the choice of playing surface, in terms of performance, safety and playing facility requirements for the above sports.