Best Practice Guidelines -Turf Sportsfields

There is no hope for natural playing fields to provide for the recreational needs of the community if there is no budget for carrying out the proper construction, care, and maintenance they need. One- off ex gratia grants for building new synthetic recreational areas are not the answer to the problems arising from greater demand for use. The assumption behind these grants is that it is impossible for natural fields to carry the workload required by the community. This is not only false, but it is used by the purveyors of synthetic turf as part of their mantra for pushing for these installations.

Hunter Water in collaboration with NSW Environmental Protection Agency has commissioned this Best Practice Guideline to provide additional support to the development and maintenance of green open spaces in both wet and dry conditions.

While the guidelines have focussed on public sporting fields, they can be used by anyone involved in planning, designing, building and/or maintaining turf surfaces for other communities, such as school ovals or golf courses.

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